12 Mar 2015
March 12, 2015

Goal posts Made in Sheffield

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Football Goal posts Made in Sheffield the home of football

ITSA GOAL Posts Made in Sheffield, are the only actual football goal post manufacturer in Sheffield. Please do not be confused or be misled buy other companies stating they make goalposts in Sheffield as they do not. Companies who imply that they make goalposts in Sheffield are not connected to our company in any way at all. We are aware of a company who trade out of a bungalow in Sheffield who sometimes may imply that they they make goal posts Made in Sheffield but they do not. As far as we are aware they actually sub contract the work out to a company in the south of England. That is why they are much more expensive than our own. It appears that this company may be feeding from our long established manufacturing reputation in the industry. The only goal post manufacturer of goalposts Made in Sheffield the home of football is our company .

Our company supplies value for money goal posts direct to the end user through various web sites we run. The distributors (the middle man) cut goes directly back into the design of the products we make here in Sheffield. That is why you get safer,better designed and longer lasting football goalposts ffrom ITSA GOAL.

About the Author

The creator of Mini Soccer for children. Company Chairman of ITSA Goal posts Ltd the first goal post manufacturer of uPVC plastic goal posts in carry bags. Children's football with smaller sides, allowing more touches of the football with proportional goalposts and pitches. A Product Designer and Innovator who has been driving industry standards in goal post safety for over twenty five years. A Founder member of the European EN 748 goalpost safety committee.