24 Dec 2013
December 24, 2013

Boys football gift

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As a company we deliver goalposts all around the United kingdom and in the main we use carriers however when full size  twenty four foot long goalposts are required our own transport more often than not takes on the delivery. Quite often the chairman and his wife like to do these deliveries to meet and talk to customers and users of our goalposts. This gives us  invaluable feedback that goes into product deign and development. On our travels we visit many different types of sports grounds and homes and this recent delivery was one that stood out for its superb picturesque location.

One of our more unusual and pleasant deliveries this December was to a lovely family  in Scotland who ordered  a full size freestanding football goal for their son. A  young boys football gift for the garden in the most stunning location imaginable.

goalposts delivery Dumgoyne,Scotland

the stunning  driveway to the house

A home fit for ITSA GOAL

A home fit for any ITSA GOAL post

.A most picturesque location for any goal post.

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The creator of Mini Soccer for children. Company Chairman of ITSA Goal posts Ltd the first goal post manufacturer of uPVC plastic goal posts in carry bags. Children's football with smaller sides, allowing more touches of the football with proportional goalposts and pitches. A Product Designer and Innovator who has been driving industry standards in goal post safety for over twenty five years. A Founder member of the European EN 748 goalpost safety committee.