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October 2, 2013

Mini Soccer goals & the birth of the game

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Mini Soccer Goals

In bygone days at the drop of a hat, a jumper or school blazer, impromptu games of football were started anywhere, any time. All who played in those games will remember the many squabbles that took place with every shot that was within inches of the blazer cum goalpost.To put a stop to those incessant arguments a football  crazy lad some fifty five years ago produced  makeshift  Mini Soccer Goals  from off-cuts of wood and some pea netting to create the very first 12′ x 6′ mini soccer goals.

When this young lad became a dad himself he made another wood and pea netting goal for his son but realized that something better was needed. Attempts to make a goal from standard plastic drainpipe followed however it was quickly realized that these were not strong enough and further research and innovation was needed. A specially strengthened uPVC extrusion was created, and with special corner fittings and ground anchors a goal was manufactured that was easy to assemble, lightweight yet strong, virtually impossible to knock over, light enough to carry in a small bag and with a new unique system of net fitting the goal could be erected quickly and with ease.

New uPVC goals in bags were welcomed by the English Football Association and in 1990 they were thoroughly tested and approved to launch small sided games for children. An invitation to FIFA soon followed and the goals were subsequently approved at that time by the worlds governing body The Federation de International de Football Association. Mini-Soccer became mandatory in 1999 for all children under the age of ten playing soccer in England.

From that very first 12’x6′ wood and pea netting goal post  a whole new industry of mini-soccer goalpost manufacture has grown up.They say imitation is the best form of flattery  and  although numerous copies of our goal in a bag concept have been made  non have bettered the original ITSA goalposts.  The proportional and safe mini soccer goals  have given  children the dream of one  day playing and scoring a in a Wembley cup final. That  football crazy lad was our company chairman   John Wilson

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