Freestanding Aluminium Mini Soccer Goals 12 ‘x 6’


One of the strongest & safest Freestanding Aluminium Mini Soccer Goals available in the UK. Fully welded side frames allow the goal to be quickly dismantled and assembled by simply removing the crossbar and back bar. Manufactured in strong 80mm aluminium

Light, Freestanding Aluminium Goalposts

The goal is lighter and safer than similar freestanding aluminium mini soccer goals with heavy steel side frames attached to aluminum uprights that eventually rust. Quick net fitting with recessed net fixings allow rapid safe fixing of nets to the rear of the posts. This goal can be used on any surface with the multi-surface anchors provided. Optional counter balance weights are available separately which are ideal if using on hard ground or artificial surfaces. The goal has a rear ground  back bar for extra rigidity and stability included.

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Goal Post Anchor & Goal Post Weights

Freestanding Aluminium mini soccer goals - with counter balance weights ideal for artificial surfaces (available separately

Freestanding Aluminium goal post – with counter balance weights ideal for artificial surfaces ( available separately










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