Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′

Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′

A Fast Start Quick Goal folding goal ideal for the garden. Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′ (1.8m x 1.2m) garden goalpost is ideal for a quick goal to set up in the back garden. This is the best all-weather folding plastic goalpost on the market with the strongest corner brackets, 300% stronger than competitors’ goals, proper goal net fitting arrow fixings not just ties, and a proper realistic defined roof to the net. The plastic folding children’s goals are the latest addition to our large range of plastic goals. These garden goals are designed to quickly take out of a store or from against a fence and quickly set up as the goal sides, simply fold out from under the goal crossbar for play. Faster and an improved goal design compared to the flimsy net-type goals that only have tape for uprights and crossbars and offer no rebound of the ball. Our five-star garden football goalpost reviews highlight customers’ delight in our product range – check out our goalpost product reviews here.

Quick Play Goal Setup

Football matches can begin much quicker with this type of folding plastic garden goal. The folding Goals can be quickly taken down after training games and store completely flat against a wall, which saves space and keeps goal storage tidy. Once built the garden goalposts lock together in place ready for your next football match. These folding 6’x4′ plastic garden goalposts are made from high impact uPVC and include a weatherproof quality long-lasting thicker twine white net that can be stored outside over long periods without deterioration. Our company ITSA GOAL POSTS LTD is renowned for providing the best Goals and goal nets that last as they have stronger corners and thicker tubing that does not crease and split. The main difference between our plastic folding goals and others is that the net supports are secured to the goal frame not just pushed into a hole. Not only do ITSA GOAL  provide an improved sturdy goalpost design they add a touch of realism for kids as they can hit the net without plastic tubes detaching from the frame. ITSA GOAL offers better goalpost design and longer garden goalpost warranty.

Garden Goalpost 6’x4′ Net Fixing

The Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′  include arrowhead net fitting technology proven net fixing which allows easy neat fitting of nets to the rear of the posts. The Arrowhook Net fixings are recommended by the National Playing Fields Association and offer the best solution for fast safe net fitting. Makes sure you look at the other plastic goa net fitting that still pull nets around posts and clip which is time consuming and look unsightly.

Optional Garden Goalpost extensions

This goal post includes one section 6′ long crossbar which can, as your children grow be extended with a new 8′ or 12′ long crossbar. The Goals are built to last.

Folding Goal Video Demonstration

This quick goal video shows how easy it is to fold the goals ready to store after games

folding goialposts


Quick Goal 6’x4′ Assembly

Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4” fitting instructions can be viewed click here
Plastic Folding QUICK GOAL 6′ x 4′ fitting instructions

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    Excellent folding goal for the grden
    Stephen Woodburn – Football goal posts 5 stars Just bought a 6×4 itsa goal and it is fantastic so pleased with it. My lad was over the moon.The solid structure and quality of this goal is second to none and really looks the business. i ordered the goal on Wednesday morning and was playing football with it on Thursday evening . These goals just can’t be beat and would never consider looking anywhere else . Thank you itsagoal Steve. Football Goalpost Reviews