Fold Away Aluminum Goalpost 12’x4′ Five-a-Side Goal

Fold Away Aluminum Goalpost

The first truly safe and secure fold away goal. A new patented lightweight innovative system that is controlled by a key holder. The ideal goal for the sports hall to store flat against a wall after use. The goal side frames fold neatly under the crossbar and lock away after use.

To use the goals they are carried out in the locked position with the small rear locking frame in place which holds the two side frames together in the middle. (A full rectangle shape is formed) This locking section enables a number of goals to be carried together. When ready for using the side support frames are unlocked from under the crossbar and placed at ninety degrees into the open position and locked. A rear ground frame is available separately (shown on photograph) if required but is not essential.

Likewise, after play, the key holder releases the lock and the sides simply fit back under the crossbar.The goal posts can now be safely moved and stored. This system provides a safe alternative to all other types of hinged sided goals that rely on pins or spring mechanisms that can fail and allow the side frames to swing in and act like a guillotine.

The goal is supplied with multi-surface ground anchors for use on grass and hard surfaces. A unique counter balance system is also available which is ideal for use on artificial pitches or in sports halls. Easier and safer to use than frames with heavy integrated counter balance background frames. Counterbalance weights can be used inside the rear ground frame (available separately) when goals are static or externally when being moved around.

Nets can be left attached to the goal when stored saving time when setting your pitch up. Recessed twist and lock net fixings enable nets to be attached to the rear of posts alleviating the need for unsightly clips pulling nets around the front of the posts. Fully welded aluminum construction with no nuts and bolts and no separate heavier steel net support stanchions to rust. Designed for strength unlike goals with unwelded mitred corners with integral steel brackets to hold the uprights and crossbar together. With no nuts and bolts to constantly tighten, no separate steel net support brackets to fit. The goals are safer, lighter,rust-free and easier to use.

European & USA Patent GB 2423260
Registered Design 5000197 5000198 5000199

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