9v9 uPVC goalpost 16′ x 7′ – multi-surface with two section aluminium crossbar

9v9 uPVC Goalpost 16 x 7

The Football Association recommended youth Football Goal size 16’x7′. Made from 68mm high impact reinforced PVC with a two section aluminum crossbar. This 9v9 uPVC goalpost 16 x 7 option provides a perfectly straight crossbar with no dip. The plastic crossbar version offers real value for money, however for club matches the aluminium crossbar adds that professional look and gives the correct rebound.


Goalposts with easy assembly

The goal post assembles with locking buttons and can be erected or dismantled in minutes. Net stanchion supports are locked in position and stay in place unlike other uPVC goals with net support stanchions just pushed into a hole and not secured. The multi surface goal has a ground frame to enable it to be easily moved around once erected. Arrowhead net fixings only found on ITSA GOAL products are included that allow nets to be neatly lifted on and off the rear of the posts. Each goal post comes with simple to use multi-surface anchors, a top-quality long lasting net and safety pegs. The anchors supplied allow the goal to be used on any surface.

Unique net straps and ground frame fixings extend the life of nets as unlike other uPVC goals the nets do not wrap around under the ground frame in contact with the ground. These nets do not fray along the ground like Samba goals.

This goal is normally supplied with two section crossbars, however, when goal are left assembled the goals are available in single section 16′ long crossbars.

The best on-line  price for this 9v9 uPVC goalpost is currently at www.soccertackle.com

£318.70p inc VAT click to buy online.

  1. 9v9 uPVC goalpost 16 x 7 Reviews

    For Football goal posts 5 stars Football Goalpost Reviews

    Just wanted to say, your / our goals have been brilliant! We’ve lost one of the bolts / nuts and a few of the black clips to secure the posts and supports over the past 2 seasons but apart from that and a bit of mud on them they are as good as new! Thought you might welcome a bit of feed back J  – I’ve just placed an new order for the 21 x 7s and look forward to receiving these.Best regards,

    Football goal posts 5 stars Phil Stockton – Leicester.

    Very pleased with 16 ‘x 7’ uPVC Goal posts with single section aluminium crossbar – top quality product. We are also looking for some full size goals so we will be in touch thanks…

    Football goal posts 5 stars Mr Hall Green United – May 2012 – Wakefield.

    “The Football Academy would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your company for the high quality of your products, indeed the Academy has identified that your company’s portable goals are not only of superior strength than their competitors but are easier to assemble. To provide such a high quality service the Academy requires first class facilities and equipment, it is with this in mind that the Academy recommends I.T.S.A. Goal to all worthwhile organizations promoting football in the community.” 1991

    Football goal posts 5 stars  Peter Saint – Stockton on Tees