26 Oct 2013
October 26, 2013

Goalpost safety standards

October 26, 2013 0 Comment

After pressure from our organization about the way the BSI have changed  goalpost safety standards since the BE 8462 2005 standard the Football Association have now at long last decided to set up a working party of experts to look into goalposts in use around the UK.

We as a company have been highlighting design faults for many years and have ,by exposing problems, influenced manufacturers to make changes in the goalpost products they offer. We have not however been able to stop the proliferation of heavy steel freestanding goalposts being used by children.

We have never made or sold such heavy and potentially dangerous products and we are actively campaigning for the ban of heavy free standing goalposts. This may mean that other manufactures will be stopped from supplying such goalposts and they will be forced to follow our lead in making lighter safer freestanding goalposts for children Our Managing Director John Wilson has been asked to join this working party to help put forward recommendations to the BSI to put forward to the European safety standard EN 748.

The Football Association have told us that they have now secured funding to look further into the testing we have done as a company into the impact dangers of such heavy goal posts falling onto a child.

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The creator of Mini Soccer for children. Company Chairman of ITSA Goal posts Ltd the first goal post manufacturer of uPVC plastic goal posts in carry bags. Children's football with smaller sides, allowing more touches of the football with proportional goalposts and pitches. A Product Designer and Innovator who has been driving industry standards in goal post safety for over twenty five years. A Founder member of the European EN 748 goalpost safety committee.